This Explaines It All…


Many of you have wondered about Millie Gift Smith, and her story.  I should have researched more before I posted her video last week, but I had no idea she was out there and was so excited about finding her at all.

Apparently this was the first part of the video I posted first, and it is interesting.  She tells her story about her recent past and tells that she is 97 years old.  Bless her heart, she is truly an amazing artist and person.


Happy Valentine’s Day


This is a cute idea and while it’s cute, I apologize for not being more creative!  There may be some of you out there that may like this idea more than others.  While it’s cut and creative, it’s also easy to put together.  It’s also something that could be given to a Grandchild to put together themselves.  I like that it’s easy.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you.

California Vibe!



David Lobenberg nails it for me!  I love his style and relaxed way of teaching.  AND… I love the California Vibe he adds to his watercolors.  It is said that watercolors are the most difficult.  In some ways I would agree, in other ways I have to say that once I learned watercolor, the transition into acrylics and particularly abstract, were way more difficult.  It doesn’t have to be that way, but I always make things harder than necessary.

David makes it look so easy I want to take his classes, how about you?  This must be why I live in California…

Beyond Watercolor…


When I ran into this video I realized this man  was starting with one medium, and working into that medium with another medium.  Confusing?  He works in both directions, and it was interesting to me.  I love mixing the mediums…paper, watercolor, acrylic, clay etc.  On top of all that if it fits, I can use oils for the frosting on the proverbial cake!

Take a look, and with any luck at all you will finish with some interesting ideas.

An Amazing Artist!


I always have been excited by the look of imperfect watercolors.  So when I started painting…with lessons….the first thing I did was take watercolor classes.  Yea!    I soon found out that the perfection that watercolor artists love….. didn’t fit, and so after many years of lessons, I switched to acrylic.  The problem I’ve had for years is that after years of perfection, it’s difficult to break the habit and go abstract.  I now find myself blending everything together into maybe my style.

When I found this video, quite by accident, by Millie Gift Smith, I went crazy……I love this abstract with watercolor style!

What an amazing lady, and artist!  She has certainly inspired me, and I hope she can give you inspiration also.

Mixed Media Demo


This seems a little outside the box, but everything I do is usually outside the box.

I thought this demo would be interesting because it’s a mixed media video, and I love mixing everything up and seeing what happens.  There is  always something we can get out of lesson or a class.  Sometimes it’s just being patient and keeping an open mind.

Thank you all for following me, I hope you enjoy the video.